“Squid Game” Star HoYeon Jung Nude Photos Collection

Before starring as a solemn North Korean pickpocket on Netflix’s international hit series “Squid Game”, HoYeon Jung was a model and the gallery below features the complete collection of her nude photos.


HoYeon JungHoYeon JungHoYeon Jung
HoYeon JungHoYeon JungHoYeon Jung

As you can see from these nude pics, like all Asian women HoYeon Jung has the pleasingly androgynous and under-developed nubile body of a girl of proper marriage age.

HoYeon Jung Squid Game
Unfortunately for HoYeon she is already 27-years-old, so any hope she had of getting a virile Muslim’s man tentacle shoved up her slanted sin slit is as bleak as her prospects were when her character entered the “Squid Game”… And just like the games on this series the consequences for HoYeon’s failure to be of use to Islam will be deadly once Sharia law is instituted in South Korea.

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